GARNIER Pure Active Intensive 3 IN 1

Style and Beauty

Versione in italiano un po’ più giù 🙂 The Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 is a multifunctional product: it can be used as a daily face cleanser, as a mask or as a scrub. It is more suitable for oily skin and/or for people with black-heads. It contains vegetable charcoal, blueberry extract and salicylic acid […]

July 19, 2017

Alt-J || Ferrara Sotto le Stelle

Life and Other Stuff

​Versione in italiano un po’ più giù 🙂 June 28th   A few days ago I had the chance to see live this amazing British indie-rock band in a stunning location. AltJ performed in Piazza Castello, during the annual event Ferrara Sotto le Stelle (and they were great!). ​First thing to say, even if the weather wasn’t […]

July 5, 2017