MUSIC UPDATE: New Releases and Re-Discoveries of the Moment

Life and Other Stuff / Thursday, September 7th, 2017

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. I mean, I always hear a lot of music. However, I usually have my favourite artists and albums that go on and on in repeat. But in the past few weeks, my attention has been particularly directed towards new releases – and also to the re-discovery of some old songs I’m very fond of. So I thought – why not sharing these tracks with you?


Before starting though, I anticipate that there will be a few different genres and different artists and even songs that might not go well together. I like my music to be as messy as my days are sometimes. Having said so, let us begin.


ReverendKings Of Leon Starting with one of my favourite bands. KOL released their seventh album WALLS – We Are Like Love Songs – in 2016 (so it might not be a super new release actually). Not their best work, to be honest, but this particular song, which was realesed a few months ago, together with Waste a Moment, well I think they did a pretty good job with them!

The System Only Dreams in Total DarknessThe National The release of their new album SLEEP WELL BEAST is expected for 8th September, but most of the tracks have already been released in advance. This is the one that got my total attention at the very first listen. Superb! 

Burn It DownDaughter Another brand-new release. Daughter came up with their new work MUSIC FROM BEFORE THE STORM just last week. We all know their classic Youth, right? I would describe this track to be more powerful with even darker melodies; a kind of enjoyable acoustic (and sensitive) experiment. 

The Way You Used To DoQueens of the Stone Age From their new album VILLAINS. A true blast of pure adrenaline. Nothing else to say. Try listening to it in the morning, maybe before going to work – it’ll give you the boost you need to face the day!

PreciousBritish India Maybe not as well-known as the previous one, but this Aussie quartet really caught my ears last year. Not sure when their album FORGETTING THE FUTURE will be released, but I absolutely recommend you go and check them out.

Lust For LifeLana Del Rey And here she comes – I couldn’t not mentioning this song and her new homonym album. Even if with this latest work she intentionally moves away from the “indie nature” she started her career with, (in my opinion) she is still one of the most talented singers out there.

Non BelieverLondon Grammar I like the singer’s voice and the vibes in their music. This song from TRUTH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING is no exception. Is this not enough for it to end up straight among my most played tracks?

Each Time You Fall in LoveCigarettes After Sex I like this band. I love this song. I love their debut album. This track in particular, is one of those kind of songs you want to listen to with your eyes closed, letting every single note deeply invade your head. One remark only: amazing music which, unfortunately, does not always go well with the naive lyrics.   



The Future Starts SlowThe Kills (2011) This is such an oldie but goldie for me. I never get bored of listening to this super energetic song. “You can fuck like a broken sail – but I’ll never give you up – If I ever give you up my heart will surely fail”.

The Phone Book Editors (2015) Another song that hit me for the lyrics, more than anything else. Hands down, my favourite from this band. I’ve found myself coming back to it very often lately.

Spanish SaharaFoals (2010) Ok, so this is another huge favourite of mine. I am obsessed with Foals and pretty much with most of their songs. I think the music they do – by the way, they never missed a shot – is probably the thing that best describes the definition of “music that you feel in your veins”. This track, among many others, is a true masterpiece.

Time Is DancingBen Howard (2014) Such an underrated artist. I used to listen to this song a lot last year and then I completely forgot about it. He released his second album I FORGET WHERE WE WERE in 2014 and then he disappeared – sad.

Come a Little CloserCage The Elephant (2013) I think I first listened to this song live when they supported Foals in Birmingham in 2014. I remember the singer being utterly crazy on stage and their music being a bit like “Do I like this noise?” – and then I eventually ended up liking it a lot. 

I’d Rather Dance With YouKings of Convenience (2009) A nice and melodic recent re-discovery. This song honestly makes me in a good mood. It even makes you happy to cleaning down your house – what?  GETTING INTO THE SWING – GETTING INTO THE SWING”

Do Me A FavourArctic Monkeys (2007) Last but, of course, not least. The greatest ones of all. The huge return. The amazing… just kidding haha, I did – sort of – reject them in the past two years or so. Well, they are still ridiculously talented, maybe now more than ever, but we are in a kind of love-hate relationship. Besides these personal reasons, this one is still one of my favourite songs from them. And it is always nice to get back to it every now and then. 


Hope you find this interesting – which are the songs you are listening to at the moment? I’d love to know!


2 Replies to “MUSIC UPDATE: New Releases and Re-Discoveries of the Moment”

  1. Anche io ascolto tanti generi, e soprattutto vado a momenti. Quella canzone dei The foals la conosco benissimo e per un periodo è stata anche la mia prefrita, conosco e mi piacciono anche i cigarettes after sex. Mentre leggevo ho ascoltato un po’ le canzoni che hai messo, mi piace quella dei kings of Leon, non la conoscevo! Posso suggerirti tre titoli (le mie ultime fisse), secondo me potrebbero piacerti: 1)moderat / therapy (la adoro) è un bel gruppo, fanno belle canzoni. 2) little people / offal waffle e 3) passion pit / dreams (è una Cover ma a me piace troppo) 😊😊😊

    1. Mi fa piacere averti dato qualche spunto 🙂
      E grazie mille per i tuoi. Effettivamente i Moderat mi piacciono molto, ci hai preso! Mentre gli altri due non li conoscevo. Ovviamente vanno dritti nella mia playlist “nuove scoperte” di Spotify!! Mi piace sempre tantissimo ascoltare i suggerimenti musicali, si fanno tantissime belle scoperte 🙂



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