How to Deal with Short Hair

Style and Beauty / Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

I reckon it happened to all of you at least once in your life. You wake up one morning and decide you want your hair shorter, just to give your look that bit of a change. You are convinced and the same afternoon you walk in a hairdresser salon with very clear ideas. When you get out, you are everything BUT satisfied about your brand-new haircut and you don’t know what to do. 

We have all been there.


Here is the story.

I usually get bored of my haircut very soon. My hair is super straight and fine, I can never style it decently when it gets too long. So, every now and then, I decide to cut it. This time my idea was fairly clear: I wanted a slightly shorter cut, maybe a few inches over my shoulders. Something like Jane Moseley’s haircut (for those who do not know her, she is one of Zara’s models, here’s a picture!). Easy, right?

I did think it would have been a relatively easy cut. So, when I entered the salon I wasn’t too worried about it. I showed a photo to the hairdresser, she nodded. After literally 30 seconds my hair was at least 10 centimeters shorter than the one I asked for. I did not say a word. I got up, paid and run away. I started repeating myself the same sentences, over and over again, until I got back home “Giulia, your haircut is amazing, it is exactly what you wanted!”. Lie, huge enormous lie! I’m not even telling you the shock I had when I came back home haha. I spent half an hour in front of the mirror. Then I realised.

To be honest with you, it took me a few days to completely accept it. But now, well now I think I got over it and I like my hair so very much! However I am still trying to figure out a few more tricks to style it quickly in the morning. In the meantime, I though it would be nice to share my experience  and some tips I learnt with you (a.k.a. how to cope with a haircut that is too short!). 


FIRST THING, ACCEPT IT First things first! Don’t panic. I feel you. Even if your primary instinct is telling you to go back to the hair salon and assoulting the person responsible for this mess, just take a deep breath. This might reveal as an occasion to try different styles and to find confidence in yourself. Embrace it and, as soon as you realise it is not the end of the world, you will immediately start liking you hair more and more. 

Now, you might also need a second haircut to make it look nicer. I did it and it made me feel much better in the first place.

In the meantime, what you can do is keeping your hair routine as healthier as you can. This will help your hair to grow back faster and stronger.

A FEW TIPS I AM LEARNING DAY BY DAY A short cut actually maximises the natural volume of your hair. All you have to do is nailing it! 

I am getting used to a few extra steps in my night-time routine, just before going to bed. I usually try to let my hair dry naturally whenever I can. And I also like to put a few drops of oil to make it shinier. After that, I tend to braid it and go to sleep looking like a crazy person – as if Edward Scissorhands had just come over and styled my hair for an heavy metal prom.  But this helps me a lot for putting it into place the next morning.

The morning after. Short hair do require some maintenance. So you have to accept the fact that you need to take 5-10 minutes each morning to style it – I mean, with tools and stuff. If you slept with braids – or any other sort of “prepping-hairstyle-ish” – the job should be easier. Usually a good hairstyle should really do most of the part, but sometimes I find a little help in heat (don’t forget to use heat protectants!) and styling products.

I like my hair to have a bit of texture. For doing this I am using pretty much just hair wax and it does the job brilliantly. Sometimes, when I have the time, I like to add just a few random curls with a curling iron – super quick but effective. 

The bad thing with short hair can be styling it when it gets dirty, even after one day. You don’t have the chance to go for a very high ponytail of course. So you have to opt for something else. As I already said, curls can be your best friends, same as braids (here Pinterest gives its best). You will learn the art of mastering a carefree knot for short hair – it requires minimal effort. And you will also learn that there will be days – bad hair days – where you can do nothing but joining the mess.


Honestly, the first couple of days I felt heartbroken. Even though friends and relatives told me it looked nice, I couldn’t stop chafing about it. I just never realised how much my insecurities could be related to feeling pretty outside, until I wasn’t feeling pretty anymore. And this only for a hair-cut gone wrong! I mean, I’ve had shorter hair than this in my life, but it was something I wanted and I thought about it very carefully before doing – it was not accidental at all. But after the first week already, I started feeling good. It’s frightening, but then you feel free. Now I feel like cutting my hair short might be one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. There is too much value placed on hair; I think that at end of the day, you look your best when you do feel your best in the first place.

It’s only hair, it’ll grow!



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