A Lovely Afternoon in Modena 

Travel / Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Only half an hour by train from Bologna, Modena is a charming ancient little town that is absolutely worth a visit. Famous for its gastronomy, for being home of the second oldest university in Italy, for its olden military academy, for being the hometown of the well-known lyrical tenor Luciano Pavarotti and, among many other things, for the Ferrari. 

Modena is a beautiful and very characteristic town, rich of culture. Its compact city centre makes it easy to visit – a perfect place for a day trip.

I think I visited Modena before, but I did not remember it that well. So once I got out from the train station I didn’t have a clue about where to go and what to visit. I only had a few hours to take a look at the city, so I decided to head straight to the old town. It is only 1km from the station so I walked through the little streets, while taking a look at the ancient buildings on the way, and reached the main square in ten minutes -ish. Piazza Grande (literally “Big Square”), along with the Duomo and the Tower of Ghirlandina, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Definitely one of the most beautiful squares I have seen!


Duomo and the Tower of Ghirlandina in Piazza Grande.

On one side (the north-east side to be more specific) of Piazza Grande there is another construction standing out, it is the Palazzo Comunale, Modena’s political and administrative centre. It is made of several buildings belonging to different ages (from 1150 to 1650 ish). Fun fact: inside this construction, it is stored the Secchia Rapita (literally, the “stolen bucket”); a wooden bucket that dates back to 1325 and which recalls the victory of Modena over the near city of Bologna.

I love this glimpse!

Palazzo Comunale from the arches.


I will leave here some other pictures I took from around the city centre.

I also stopped for a quick (late) lunch in a very nice place, hidden in one of the streets that lead to Piazza Grande. The place is called Archer and I must say it was a very enjoyable lunch break. It might have been so because the day was particularly beautiful and the sunlight was hitting the perfect spots; in any case, the atmosphere of the place was delightful. Not to mention that the place itself (inside and outside) was beautifully appointed and very well-tought.

Anyway – after all this rumbling -, I must say that I liked Modena very much and I definitely think it is worth a visit (Have I already said it?). Unfortunately, I did not manage to walk around the city that much and see all the things I wanted to see (including the museums!). I will definitely come back when I’ll have a bit more time, for another chilled day in this amazing town. 



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