Drink Responsibly, Think Reusable: 24 Bottles 

Life and Other Stuff / Monday, October 9th, 2017

In the past few months (but maybe even years) there’s been this “trend” going on that, besides being cool, could also help the planet. I’m talking about reusable water bottles. And today I want to talk about my experience with one brand in particular: 24Bottles.

As maybe some of you know, last year I spent a few months down under, in Aussieland. As soon as I started attending the lectures at the University I realised how much the use of reusable bottles was widespread. There were really few people buying plastic water bottles during the day! First of all, because they were ridiculously expensive, secondly because there was no need: the Uni campus was full of dispensers that provided clean water ready to be used to fill your own bottles. I saw them in classic aluminum, in plastic, colorful and fancy. A real trend that, unlike many others, keeps an eye on the environment.

Why should we go reusable – using bottles filled with (filtered) tap water over disposable?

There are several reasons of course, all of them being equally important. I’m no scientist, so I will not bore you here with details, I’m sure you’ll find hundreds of (more or less) reliable articles online about it. Like this one, this other one, or even this one, and so on.

The idea behind reusable bottles is indeed to reduce the impact of plastic in our daily life. 24Bottles is an Italian brand born back in 2013 “with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a wide range of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go”. By doing so, we can actually reduce our carbon footprint in a very easy – and cool – way. Want to know more? Just click here!

The bottle I own is a Urban Bottle – 0.5L – in the AMAZING colour Eclipse (*), which you can eventually get from here. I received it (and I want to thank the company so very much for this incredible gift ♥) a couple of weeks ago now and haven’t stopped using it. I always keep it in my hand bag – which is pretty much like a jungle – and, I have to say, it is lasting quite well. No scratches at all so far, definitely high quality material and great attention to the details. 

CLEANING ANS STERILISING I read an article about reusable water bottles a few days ago, which claimed that those bottles could apparently carry more bacteria than a dog dish – GROSS! – So, here’s what I’ve been doing to keep mine nice and clean. I fill a pot of water and boil the bottle mouth and the cap, putting the bottle upside down for a few minutes. I do this every couple of days, so I can be safe about that dog thing haha! 


Hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you found it helpful. Let me know what you think about it in the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂



DISCLAIMER: This is my personal and honest opinion. I only recommend products that I genuinely love and that I would recommend to a friend. Products marked with an asterisk were sent me as a sample; this does not affect my honesty in reviewing them. Thank you.


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