Hi there, I’m a 25 year-old Italian girl (a woman-to-be almost!) based in Milan, raised in Abruzzo and still in love with Bologna, who has just graduated from her Master’s Degree in Statistical Sciences. I know right, what am I supposed to talk about then? Well, I guess about a few random and chilled things I would usually talk about with friends, just to relax from some daily duty. So, I hope you will enjoy reading my rumbling-bumbling as much as I do enjoy writing it.

















   IMPORTANT, please read 🙂

I am trying to keep this blog as a bilingual environment. This because I believe it is very important to put everyone in the condition of understanding what I write and to spread the word. However, as much as I try, it is not always possible. Hence, here you might find some posts that are written only in Italian, simply because they were born to be suitable only for people living in Italy. Don’t hold that against me! ♥

   IMPORTANTE, per favore leggete 🙂

Sto provando a mantenere questo Blog come un ambiente bilingue. Questo perché credo fortemente che tutti debbano essere messi nella condizione di poter capire ciò di cui si parli. Tuttavia, per quanto io ci provi, questo non mi è sempre possibile. Molto probabilmente troverete alcuni post solo in lingua italiana, perché pensati appositamente per un pubblico italiano. Non me ne vogliate, però, se alcuni sono proposti solo in inglese ♥